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Ohio University Press   Si, se puede.   Yes, we can .   ---Dolores Huerta We celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day –Friday, January 25, 2019 – with a review of Marlene Targ Brill’s DOLORES HUERTA STANDS STRONG: THE WOMAN WHO DEMANDED JUSTICE (Ohio University Press). We love biographies for young readers.  They are good for readers of all ages, because they are easy to read and immediately draw you into the person’s life.  We had the pleasure of reading DOLORES HUERTA STANDS STRONG.  It is a vivid portrait of a bold, courageous, outspoken woman who becomes an indispensable advocate for the rights of farm workers in California and then nationawide.  Dolores quits her teaching job because she believes in helping the poor working farmers who were being victimized by greedy bosses lining their pockets while the workers and their families starved.  Dolores realizes early that the way to change their deplorable conditions is to form a union.  Her mee