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   The Latina Book Club welcomes Dominican writer and illustrator Genia I. Nunez.   For her, it all began with a poster over a decade ago.   Today, she enjoys writing poetry, photography, crafts and keeping her inner child alive! I believe that education is very important for our children. Being bilingual is more relevant than ever before. – Genia I. Nunez Q:   We know you are a Civil Engineer and a college professor. Where did the desire to write children's books come from? A: I've always enjoyed helping children learn. I also taught catechism classes and tutored elementary aged children during my free time. I've always had a creative inclination, and writing and drawing were always ways to express myself. The interest of writing children’s books came because I wanted to help my own children and their friends in school. I always have enjoyed children’s books and their illustrations. I think it’s important to keep your inner child alive!     Q: Tell

REVIEW: CHOPPER! CHOPPER! Poetry from Bordered Lives by Verónica Reyes

the poet shouted one last grito de Dolores para her mam á and all the women who came before her who carved the path and created this red road to follow every one stood on their feet and threw a grito con orgullo Panocha!   Power! Personal. Familial. Cultural. CHOPPER! CHOPPER!   is dramatic and bold.   This collection will "seep into (our) sue ñ os" and "linger on (our) everyday thoughts," which is why it is a Finalist for Best Poetry Book in the 2014 International Latino Book Awards.     Ver ó nica Reyes paints intimate portraits of her East L.A. neighborhood, family and local haunts with daring rhythm and raw sensuality.   The neighborhood may have clear borders, but the collection's themes are universal -- love, friendship, survival and sexual freedom.     Panocha Power is paramount in this collection.   From the Marimacha strutting down Whittier Boulevard to the Super Queer sipping Kahlua on Santa Monica to the Xicana on lesbiana time

HOT OFF THE PRESS: International Latino Book Awards Finalists List

     The Finalists of the 2014 International Latino Book Awards were released yesterday, March 18.   There was some problems yesterday connecting to the LLN website and downloading the list so The Latina Book Club has printed the complete list below for reader convenience. The Awards celebrate books in English, Spanish and Portuguese.   Finalists are from across the USA and from 18 countries outside the USA.   The Awards are divided into eight categories, including The Mariposa Awards given to Best First books; Children, Youth & Young Adult; Nonfiction; Fiction; Ebook & Audio; Portugese Awards; Design Awards and Translation Awards.   The International Latino Book Awards will be presented on June 28th in Las Vegas as part of the ALA (American Library Association) Conference.  The Awards are produced by LatinoLiteracy Now , an organization co-founded by Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler, and co-presented by Las Comadres de las Americas and Reforma , the National