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The Latina Book Club celebrates Gay Pride with a magnificent list of books by Latino Authors. This year, Gay Pride is so much more precious given the recent slayings in Orlando.  So we celebrate with  anthologies, fiction, historicals, graphic novels, young adult novels and memoirs, etc., all in search of the Latino Queer identity.  Happy Reading! GAY PRIDE BOOKS A CUP OF WATER UNDER BY BED by Daisy Hernandez (Beacon Press) – coming of age memoir about a Colombian-Cuban woman. AMERICANO: GROWING UP GAY & LATINO IN THE USA, Poems by Emanuel Xavier (Rebel Satori Press) – poems that challenge sexual, political and religious beliefs. ANGEL PARK by Roberto F. Santiago (Tincture / Lethe Press) – poems that shout their LGBTQ identity. ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE by Benjamin Alire Saenz – two lonely boys share a special friendship. BOYFRIENDS WITH GIRLFRIENDS by Alex Sanchez (Simon & Schuster) –YAs search for love, sex and id


The Latina Book Club is honored to reprint Rudolfo Anaya’s new poem in memory of the 49 fallen in Orlando.  Our prayers continue to be with the family and friends, and the LGBT Community at large. #LoveIsLoveIsLove “The Pulse of Life” It was the twelfth of June             another hot and humid Florida night. In Orlando young people gathered at the             Pulse Club, enjoying camaraderie, the             dance floor pulsating with life,             dancers moving to syncopated music,             Latin rhythms, good will embraces,             laughter, friendships, plans for             tomorrow, flashing smiles releasing             stress in silent motions. Then the pulse of life ended.             A man on fire came from a dark,             twisted place, methodically spraying             death, massacring our LGBT             dancers who fell like cut flowers. Pulses died in 49 bloodied wrists,             blood


       The Latina Book Club continues to celebrate and honor our Fathers. Here’s a loving tale about a Dad who is a true hero to his family and his town;  and an inspiration to men everywhere. If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. —Maya Angelou And for the cruel person who tears out the heart with which I live, I cultivate neither nettles nor thorns; I cultivate a white rose. —José Marti   It’s your family, your friends, and our belief in one another that count most in the end. —Ramón Carrasquillo.   “Ramón León Carrasquillo had a powerful premonition. Something extraordinary was about to happen.” Floricanto Press So opens LUCK IS JUST THE BEGINNING, a novel by Celeste León based on her father’s true story.  It’s a beautiful, inspiring, mesmerizing tale written by a loving daughter to honor the man and father she admires most.  But don’t think this is just another emotional retelling of a father’s life. 


   The Latina Book Club wishes Fathers everywhere a Happy Father’s Day. We also welcome author Celeste Leon, who shares with us the story of her “lucky” father  and the reasons she just had to write a book about him. And many Felicidades to Celeste on her book, LUCK IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, being named a Finalist in the 2016 International Book Awards, and a Finalist for the Mariposa Award for Best First Book in the  2016 International Latino Book Awards . Three Generations Author, father & daughter FROM CELESTE LEÓN: In 1944 my father, Ramón León, won the lottery. $18,000, a fortune! ($500,000 in today's money.) To say that it changed his life and the lives of others is a gross understatement. His story has become such family lore that ten years ago, I decided I must tell it. “Why do you want to write about me?” my father asked when I said I was writing a book about him. His response shows his humility. What he accomplished is extraor


   T he Latina Book Club loves libraries. Libraries are magical places full of miles and miles of wondrous books that transported readers of all ages to different cities, countries, even galaxies. Libraries are great places to visit and see science exhibits and art shows, and play computer games. But, best of all, readers can borrow books from their local library – dozens of books, hundreds of books – and take them home to read at their own pace. This Summer, kids of all ages can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge offered by the New York Public Libraries in all boroughs. The challenge is to read every day. Whether it’s a fiction novel, memoir, comic book, how to book or DIY project, read at least 20-minutes each day.  Readers can also read in all languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, French, et al.  There are even braille and talking books for the blind.  For more information, visit the NYPL program by clicking here . The Library offers tips on ho


   Congratulations to Carmen Rita on her debut novel. The Latina Book Club is happy to name NEVER TOO REAL our Book of the Month.   “Everyone bore witness to…the supreme power of love. Family love and the love of friends. It was all so real.” Kensington Books THEY ARE EVERY WOMAN! Finally!  A book where today’s professional, savvy Latinas are represented.   Latinas will be able to recognize themselves in these four protagonists -- educated, professional, hard-working women, who are proud of their heritage and sexual orientation.  Readers will find the book funny and heart-wrenching, and at the end wish they too could be part of this tremendous sisterhood. NEVER TOO REAL is a “savvy and wise” novel by debut author Carmen Rita.  It’s awe-inspiring and very real.  It’s about fierce friendships that stay with you through lost careers, broken marriages, financial troubles and identity-crises.  It’s about the family you make for yourself and a sisterhood tha