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KENSINGTON Sensual. Daring. Funny. Heartfelt.   Zoey Castile’s debut contemporary romance sizzles.   It’s Magic Mike meets Bridemaids.    STRIPPED is the first in what promises to be a very hot and erotic series full of skilled, sculpted and sexy men in the adult entertainment industry.   Readers will enjoy the bold characters; the novel’s fast pace; and, the seductive dance between our protagonists.   Robyn Flores is in bridesmaid hell.   Her best friend is getting married; she’s a horrible maid of honor; and the groom’s sister is coordinating all the fun bachelorette activities that Robyn is supposed to be doing. And, if that didn’t prove she was a failure, her continued lateness at the school where she teaches gets her called into the principal’s office.   Only good thing in her life is the sexy guy next door.   Their laundry bags were switched and she ended up with his star-spangled thong.   Of course, she wants to go out with him. Zac Fallon is new in town an