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The Latina Book Club doesn’t talk politics, but Trump is like the elephant in the room.  How could you not?   Our friend and Altadena, CA’s, Poet Laureate THELMA T. REYNA has just published  a poetry collection about Trump and the future of our country.   We are happy to have been granted an interview and an excerpt to share with our readers.  Happy Reading and, as always, Read Latino Lit. NOTE TO OUR CALIFORNIA READERS! Tuesday, March 13 , at VRoman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA, from 7-8pm, Thelma and three other local distinguished guest poets will read from her new book.  All welcome. Visit to make reservations. INTERVIEW WITH THELMA T. REYNA LATINA BOOK CLUB: In this book, you give voice to people’s fears of what is happening to this country with Trump in the White House— to immigrants, to the Dreamers, to all people of color.  How hard was it to put yourself into others’ shoes? Which stories were the hardest to tell?

DEBUT! STEEL BY J. L. LORA (excerpt)

The Latina Book Club congratulates author J. L. Lora on the debut of Book 3 – STEEL – of her Trinity Series.    Below is an excerpt of the book, along with a summary and author bio.  Happy reading. STEEL by J. L. Lora Book Summary: Only the Devil you know has the power to really hurt you . Strong, daring, and loyal to a fault, Amelia Solis is the soul of The Trinity. Yet, this leader of New York’s top cartel has become a pawn in the game of revenge. All to hurt Leandro, the man she wants more than life but cannot be with.  The enemy’s always watching, biding his time .  Leandro Masseur, Lieutenant in the McLean crime family, earned his position through loyalty, shrewd business, and ruthlessness. His enemies never see the bullet until it’s ready to lodge between their eyes. When a dead woman is found in Amelia’s bed, his world is flipped off its axis.  Their Devil knows what buttons to push . Four women will die before a killer finishes a macabre