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Soledad O'Brien... The Next Big Story

   The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities By Soledad O’Brien Celebra Books "Story is our medium. It's how we connect emotionally with our viewers. And it's how we make sense of our world...When we talk about a 'big story,' we're really talking about what resonates with people, what matters to them...And I think when it comes to our national narrative, what we need to realize is that we're all contributing to the story, that we can affect where this country is going." ….Soledad O’Brien Soledad O’Brien is a top anchor and special correspondent for CNN. This book follows Soledad as she reports on the biggest stories of the times – Hurricane Katrina, the devastating Haiti earthquake, historic elections and high profile interviews. And, as she hosts the acclaimed series Black in America and Latino in America . This is her story, “an inspiring message of hope and a glimpse into [her] heart and soul.”  Happy Reading.



   The Latina Book Club is proud to welcome author Chiquis Barron to our site. Whether celebrating a new friendship or love, mourning lost innocence or simply reflecting on the mystifying intricacies of life, there is nothing like the soothing experience of a properly sowed, picked, roasted, ground and brewed cup of coffee to warm the coldest of hearts and invigorate the most jaded of spirits.   That is the power of CAFÉ DULCET. Q: Given your book title, CAFE DULCET, I have to ask, do you like coffee? How many cups a day? How many does Ximena drink a day? Having grown up in a family of hardcore coffee lovers and drinkers, from the youngest to the oldest member, it would have been difficult not to fall in love with it myself. The one thing that I love most about coffee, however, is the fact that it appeals not only to our sense of taste but to all our other senses as well, thus making the coffee-drinking experience truly dulcet all the way around. Admittedly, I am considere


   ME by Ricky Martin Celebra Books (this book is also available in Spanish) February is the month of Love, of Romance. I thought to pick a love story for our Book of the Month but that seemed so…ordinary.  Instead, I’ve chosen to shine the spotlight on a man, but no ordinary man – this one is a hunk, a superstar, an icon, a father.  He is…. RICKY MARTIN. The International Superstar, ex Menudo boy-toy opens up about his life, his loves and his sexuality. This memoir spans his years as a child sensation to his wild ride “Livin’ the Vida Loca” to his devotion to helping children around the world to becoming a father himself. ME by Ricky Martin is honest, intimate, touching, funny and revealing. All the things a real man should be, no matter his sexual orientation. Don’t you agree? Visit Ricky at his website: .  He is also on Facebook and Twitter. To see his new video, click here . And do check out his new album, MAS.  It stands for M