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FAST GIRLS & JUICY MANGOS (includes book trailer)

Women like sex.

We do, whether we say so in public or not, whether we admit it to ourselves or not.

Women like sex. And, the next best thing to having sex is reading about it. But, we don’t just say we are reading about sex, we read….erotica.


The word itself is titillating and sensual. The books are even hotter.

Take for example, FAST GIRLS: EROTICA FOR WOMEN, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cleis Press, 2010). It’s a wonderful collection of short stories about women in control of their bodies and their beds. These “Fast Girls” are confident and unafraid of taking sex by the balls, pun intended.

And, Latinas also like sex, like erotica. Hell, we are synonymous with sex. Think Rita Hayworth, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and Zoe Saldana.  Latinas have always been seen as sultry, sexy and sensual. That’s us. And we have the erotica collection to prove it.

JUICY MANGOS: EROTICA COLLECTION, edited by Michelle Herrera Mulligan (Atria Books, 2007), contains stories by seven of the “smartest, sexiest Latina literary writers.” Some of the stories are set in exotic backdrops around the world; all with beautiful heroines who slip out of their daily roles and take on new, daring, sexy personas.

Someone wrote that, “JUICY MANGOS will shatter your ideas of female innocence forever.” It does! And though this book may be the first ever Latina erotica collection, there are plans for more.

“JUICY MANGOS is one of the first Latina Erotica collection ever published in the U.S. At Atria Books, we decided to publish it because we felt that there was an audience for this type of book. The book received a great response from the public, and yes in the future we will consider publishing another collection of stories," said Johanna Castillo, Vice President and Senior Editor, Atria Books.

There is no race discrimination in erotica. Women of all races, all colors are reading and writing erotica.

“Sex is a common denominator,” says author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. “We all think about it and have fantasies, and erotica is a booming market. There are definitely people of all backgrounds writing erotica, and there are some specific anthologies focused on women of color, such as Carol Taylor’s Brown Sugar series, and Zane puts out Caramel Flava, focusing on African-American and Latino/a stories.”

Some Latinas who write, or have written, erotica include: Sofia Quintero, Lolita Lopez, Mayra Montero, Mayra Santos-Febres, Adriana Lopez, Elisha Miranda, Yxta Maya Murray and Laura Guevara.

Why do they write erotica? 

"As a writer," says Lolita Lopez, "I find erotica a fascinating genre. Where else can you explore all kinds of deliciously naughty fantasies without any real world consequences? There's also something freeing about the subject matter. Plus, you can't beat the looks on the faces of folks who ask what you do!"

Who is reading erotica?  The erotica reader is anyone and everyone. Race, color, sex, even age doesn’t matter when it comes to reading erotica; although, you must be at least 18.

The important thing – with any book in any genre – is the story. The characters must capture and hold our attention until the end. And, in the case of an erotic novel, the sex has to be hot. Why?

Because sex sells. And, women love sex.

So, what are you reading?♥

Rachel Kramer Bussel is actively looking for more stories featuring women of color, if anyone is interested in submitting to her OBSESSED and/or WOMEN IN LUST, click here.   The pay is $50/story and 2 copies of the book for one-time rights.

And if you sell, let me know so we can promote you here at The Latina Book Club.



Lisbeth Eng said…
You write: Someone wrote that, “JUICY MANGOS will shatter your ideas of female innocence forever.” It does!

Now I'm not sure if I should read this book! Can I risk having my innocence permanently shattered at the tender age of 49? ;) Oh, my goodness!

Titillating and witty post, Maria!