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REVIEW: PINNED UP by C. Michelle

The Latina Book Club is proud to be part of C.Michelle’s Blog Tour. 
We congratulate her on her debut novel.  Brava!

I enjoy being a pin-up model as a side gig.  I love to indulge myself in wearing kick ass wiggle dresses, bustiers, and some awesome “fuck me shoes.”  What can I say; sometimes I have over the top girly moments. ---Nina

Funny, outrageous and over-the-top sexy!   Fans of chick-lit will enjoy C.Michelle’s debut novel, PINNED UP, with its snappy dialogue, edgy humor and flamboyant characters. We love the book cover too.  It’s colorful and sensual just like our heroine Nina, and the San Francisco skyline adds a brilliant sparkle that’s present throughout the book.  We hear this is the first in a Pinned-Up Trilogy.  If so, we can’t wait for the other two books!

SUMMARY:  Valentina Moretti aka Nina is a crime victims’ social worker by day and a pin-up model by night.  She loves the clothes, the makeup and the sexy feeling of following on the heels of her idols, Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.  Nina loves her life, her two careers, her loud friends and her single-and-free status.  The last thing she needs is the complication of a relationship.  Enter Josh Ryan, a gorgeous stud with a dangerous reputation with the ladies.  Hot sex should have just been a booty call between them, but it isn’t.  Suddenly, everyone is a match-maker, and the only ones who think their getting together is a bad idea are Nina and Josh ...  Or is it?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   C.Michelle  was a high school drop-out who eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and a Master of Business Administration degree,  while working as a probation officer and counselor. Her love of  all things funny, romantic, and simply bad-ass led to the writing of her debut novel, PINNED UP.  C.Michelle resides in northern California with her husband and three children.  Visit her at




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