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The Latina Book Club is doing something different for Valentine’s Day

We bring you an interview with Juana Velasco 
the Heroine of MELT WITH YOU by S.E. Lewinski. We wanted some friendly romance advice. 

Juana is a tough, sassy, street-smart, food truck loving, proud Mexican woman. She has a great sense of humor and doesn’t let anything get her down, not being poor, not being fired again!, and not finding Mr. Right. It takes work and “huge fricking cojones,” but Juana makes her dreams come true and opens her own nail salon. Her success brings prosperity to her family, gives her brothers new purpose, and makes Taco, her furry partner, an overnight sensation. The search for Mr. Right might be over if Antoine gives her a second chance. 
Our fingers are crossed for Juana! 

Read Chapter 1 by clicking here.  



Latina Book Club: Have you heard from Antoine? How is the long distance romance with your undercover man?

Juana: Long distance romance is from the heart and soul. With Antoine, he is a man of passion who dedicated his life to me the day he saved my life at the party I was endangered. He risked his own career to make sure I was safe and not harmed that special night! My hero!

What advice can you offer girls who don't have a date for Valentine's Day? Should they play the sex card and go out and terrorize men?

Juana: Best advice, pay it forward if you don’t have a date. Here is my idea. Buy a gift bag and fill with cookies, love heart candies, a special card, and other things related to Valentine’s Day. Go out to a coffee shop or other place and look for that girl or guy all alone on Valentine’s Day, and give to them as a special surprise to warm their heart. Just walk away with a smile you’ve made their day! Play the sex card, ahhhh not on Valentine’s’s about love that counts!

How is Fabiola? Are you girls getting together for Valentine's Day? Do they do that in Mexico?

Juana: Fabiola is now studying for a new career, while she works at the same time and takes care of her family. For Valentine's day we have a lunch planned and of course bring Taco along. Fabiola loves Taco and knowing her will have a surprise for him since she is such a sweetheart.

What color for gel nails and what matching flowers would you recommend?

Juana: Being a picture person, below is a photo of Valentines nails. For matching flowers red and pink roses, with a ribbon of hearts for Valentines.

What's your best advice for going from a placeholder boyfriend to an upgrade?

Juana: I made the mistake that I did not realize how wonderful Diego (AKA Antoine) was for me. I got selfish to be truthful about finding an upgrade when all along my trash man was my prince who was my true love. That is the smile that brings true love to the heart.

Best romantic place to eat -- food truck or diner or other?

Food truck, tacos and margaritas on a curb side. Love is not about what or where you eat, but who you eat with!

What is Your favorite romantic song?

:  This one rocks with tears to listen to every time...close to you. It’s Antoine...he is a dream come true and my star that fell down from the sky!

Close To You-Oliva Ong

Our many thanks to Juana and S.E. Lewinski for this interview. 

MELT WITH YOU is also available in Spanish, DERRETIRME CONTIGO. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: S. E. Lewinski’s collection of writings are called the Thinking Series and set in alternate genres of self-improvement, sci-fi, adventure, romance and drama. Learn more about her writings by visiting here.