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The Good News:   Koehler Books is launching a new Latino imprint, Café Con Leche, with author/agent/publisher Leticia Gomez and author/life coach/motivational speaker Harris Kern at the helm.

The Bad News:   Café Con Leche’s first book -- The Life of Ximena Godoy by Graciela Limón – will not be released until May 2015.

We anxiously await the release of the first book in what promises to be an exciting imprint.  Café Con Leche will publish fiction and non-fiction by Latino authors and Latino-themed works in English for now.   Below is the official press release. 

We wish Leticia and Harris the best of luck with their new imprint! –mcf

PRESS RELEASE:  Koehler Books Launches Latino Imprint

VIRGINIA BEACH, JUNE 1, 2014:  Köehler Books is proud to announce the creation and launch of its new Latino imprint Café con Leche, which will publish print and e-books of uncompromising quality written by Latino authors or are of interest to a wide Latino readership.

Café con Leche (CCL) is being spearheaded by Leticia Gomez who has worked in publishing since 1993. As CEO and Founder of Savvy Literary Services, one of the few minority-oriented publishing firms, Gomez has distinguished herself as being a bilingual literary agent who strategically and tirelessly champions the work of the underdog writer.

When I first launched Savvy Literary Services in January of 2007, I never imagined that I would be instrumental in the creation of a sorely needed Latino imprint,” said Gomez, “much less be in the driver’s seat of this brand new vehicle that is sure to transport worthy Latino authors more quickly through the overcrowded and highly complex highway that leads to publication.”   

The Life of Ximena Godoy, the latest novel to come from the writing desk of critically acclaimed and award-winning Chicana/Latina author Graciela Limón, shall be the first book to be published by CCL. Limón is the author of several novels, including The Madness of Mamá Carlota (2012); The River Flows North (2009); Erased Faces (2001), which was awarded the 2002 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award; The Day of the Moon (1999); Song of the Hummingbird (1996); The Memories of Ana Calderón (1994, 2001); and In Search of Bernabé (1993), which as a finalist for the Art Seidenbaum First Novel Award and was named a “Notable Book of the Year” by The New York Times Book Review.  “In my heart and mind, there is no better way to launch Café con Leche than with the publication of this high-quality literary novel about revenge and murder penned by one of today’s greatest Latina contemporary voices.” Gomez said she also has several other high profile authors and projects she is considering for publication.

Gomez will run CCL with Harris Kern, published author of more than forty books. Kern is recognized nationally as an organization mentor, personal life coach, and motivational speaker. From 1994 to 2004, Kern ran and operated his own imprint of IT books for Prentice Hall/Pearson, an imprint of Penguin. He, Gomez and the Koehler Books editorial board will select works to be published by CCL.

“Leticia and Harris will provide a literary venue for America’s fast-growing demographic community,” said Köehler Books Publisher John Koehler.  “Leticia and Harris have a great eye for talent and know how to market authors and their books.’’

For more information, or to make a submission, go to  You can write to Leticia Gomez at