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We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with fun "Top 14" Lists.  Here is a list of New York's Leading Latino Authors.  How many do you know?  Feel free to add to our list by leaving a comment.  And, follow us on Twitter.  Our hashtag is #amreadingwiththelatinabookclub.

Matt de la Peña
1.       Esmeralda Santiago,

2.       Theresa Valera,

3.       Chris Campanioni,

4.       Manuel A. Melendez,

5.       Torrey Maldonado,
Theresa Varela

6.       Matt de la Peña,

7.       Dalhma Llanos-Figueroa,

8.       Sofia Quintero,

9.       Bobby Gonzalez,
10.   Karina Guardiola "Eleven" Lopez,
Torrey Maldonado

11.   Luis Jaramillo,

12.   Yadhira "Yadhy" Gonzalez-Taylor,

13.   Raquel Penzo,

14.   Daisy Martinez,




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