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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: COUNT ON ME: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships

The Latina Book Club is proud to be an official stop of the COUNT ON ME Condor Book Tour. The blog tour dates and links are at the bottom of this post. Leave a comment and you will be entered to win a free copy of the book.

Comadres…the term encompassses some of the most complex and important relationships that exist between women. Comadres are best friends, confidants, coworkers, advisors, neighbors, and godmothers to one’s children. Comadres are the women they know they can count on, lean on, and ask for advice or for help when needed.
---Nora de Hoyos Comstock, President & CEO, Las Comadres Para Las Americas

I have been a member of Las Comadres Para Las Americas for almost eight years. I am now one of the New York City Chapter’s Moderators and the group’s Book Club Coordinator. I find this organization to be amazing, and not just because of the networking, but because of the friendships forged – fierce friendships.

We have sisters who attend the monthly Comadrazos together, mothers and daughters, best friends, colleagues, total strangers. We are nurses, teachers, secretaries, meeting planners, authors, lawyers, artists, chefs, executives, students, entrepreneurs, but at the end of each meeting, we are all sisters, all friends, all Comadres.

Now, some of our Comadres have put their feelings about these types of relationships among women on paper. COUNT ON ME is a great collection of essays by some of today's top Latina authors – Esmeralda Santiago, Sofia Quintero, Reyna Grande, Carolina De Robertis, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Lorraine Lopez, Fabiola Santiago, Teresa Rodriguez, Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Daisy Martinez, Dr. Ana Nogales and compadre Luis Alberto Urrea.

Whether you read them in order or read your favorite authors first won’t matter. All the stories are powerful. All the stories are about “camaraderie, generosity and faith” to paraphrase Esmeralda Santiago. A wonderful collection and a great holiday gift. Hint. Hint.

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment about the book, about comadres, about sisterhood, about friendship, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of COUNT ON ME: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships. Winner will be chosen on December 12. Good luck.

COUNT ON ME Condor Book Tour Dates and Links:

December 3 -- Condor Musings

December 4 -- La Bloga


December 6 -- Latino Book Examiner

December 7 -- Latina Lista

December 10 -- New Latina

December 11 -- Knitting & Sundries

December 12 -- Tiki Tiki Blog & La Bloga -- TWO blog locations!!

December 13 -- Chica Writer

December 14 -- Sententia Vera

COUNT ON ME is available in e-book for Kindle, iTunes & Nook. To order go to and click on the orange ORDER button on the Left.


FTC Disclosure: I bought my own copies of this book and am reviewing it for the Condor Book Tour. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



Toni said…
Las Comadres is a wonderful organization and it's so exciting to see them put out this book filled with amazing authors. Bravo!
Chiquis Barrón said…
COUNT ON ME: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships was one of my first book purchases during my NYC trip to attend the Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference. I've found the lives, stories and shared experiences reflected in these pages to be one of the most honest and inspiring accounts of the profound bond that is the "comadrazgo". I look forward to following the blog tour!
Native NYer said…
Ladies-- I am so glad you know the Comadres organization and the book. Hope to see you at a comadrazo sometime soon. Happy Holidays --maria
guiltlessreader said…
A beautiful celebration of friendship indeed!
Hair Thingies said…
Although I have not had the honor of spending much time in person with the comadres in this wonderful network, their spirit, warmth, and compassion transcends time and distance. I hope that I will soon have a chance to attend more comadrazos. They give me the courage to continue the difficult path of being a writer and an activist. They give me the strength to keep going, even after I fall. To get up, dust myself off, learn from my mistakes, and keep improving myself and the world around me.
Denisse said…
I am so thankful to have my friends, mis comadres. They push me and inspire me to do thing I never thought I'd be able to do.
Native NYer said…
We have a winner: Alexandra Maria Landeros. Congratulations! Happy Reading and Happy Holidays! --maria